Make It Retro at the Rustic Drive-In

The Rustic Drive-In is a terrific venue for your next dinner and a movie date night.  Source: Rustic Tri Vue Drive-In via Facebook

In an era when people can stream video on their smartphone, the Drive-In might seem incredibly quaint. However because of this change in technology, there are fewer people going out to the movies especially in groups. And with the cost of movie tickets, who can blame them? That’s why the $25 per carload you find at the Rustic Drive-In is a deal and a … [Read more...]

Your Pooch Will Love These Dog Toys

Here are some of today's most popular dog toys that your pooch will definitely want to play with.  Source: Pixabay

You love your dog so much and hate having to leave him at home while you're at work or school. And while chances are the majority of his day is spent sleeping on the couch, when he's up and waiting for you to come home, why not keep him entertained with these popular dog toys? Dogs love toys that make noise. Rattles, squeakers and crunchy paper inside … [Read more...]

Keep That Body Tight with These Core Exercises

Here are some incredible core strength exercises that will help you hit your 2015 fitness goals here at your Slatersville apartments.  Source: ShutterStock

Staying in top physical shape is important many of our Slatersville residents. These dedicated individuals enjoy working out their bodies and often use core strength exercises to maintain a tight, physically fit physique. Take note of how you can further improve your workout with these exercise that focus on tightening up your abdominal muscles. Feel the … [Read more...]

Enjoy Tasty Thai Cuisine at Lotus

Lotus boasts some of the tastiest Thai and south Asian cuisine found near your Slatersville apartments.  Source: Lotus via Facebook

One of the great things about living in apartments near restaurants in Slatersville is that when the mood strikes you to go out for dinner you can pick a place that has just the kind of food you want. For instance, if you are in the mood for a little Thai food, you can head to Lotus on Eddie Dowling Highway! With a menu made up of fried noodle dishes, … [Read more...]

Summer Means Fresh Food and Savory Meals

chickpea vegetable stew

Every season has its own special savory dishes. When you think of summer, the first thing that pops up in your mind is fresh crunchy salads and aromatic dishes. Cooking seems fun if you have a complete and fully equipped kitchen. Our residents living at the Slatersville Mill apartments enjoy designer kitchens with kitchen island, self-cleaning oven, … [Read more...]