Need an Elegant Restaurant: the Pot au Feu

port au feu

A great way to spend a romantic evening is at an upscale restaurant. A chic restaurant that was named one of the 10 Best Providence Restaurants by USA Today is Pot au Feu. It's located 17 miles from our luxury apartments in Slatersville, and while there you can dine on French and European cuisine. You can begin the meal with snails, lobster bisque, … [Read more...]

Tips for Getting Red Wine Stains Out

red wine stain

After an evening out with friends you come home and discover a red wine stain on your shirt sleeve. Red wine stains have a reputation as being difficult to remove, but here are some expert tips which always seem to do the trick. If the stain is still damp, begin the process by soaking up as much liquid as possible. This is best done with a clean … [Read more...]

Providence’s Best Restaurants: the Brickway On Wickenden

breakfast spots in providence

When it comes to New England cities, only Boston and Worcester are larger than Providence, and the Rhode Island capital could give both those Massachusetts towns a run for their money in the arena of great Providence bars and restaurants. The Residences at Slatersville Mill tenants have their choice of Providence eateries within close proximity, including … [Read more...]

Looking to Scuba Dive? Visit the Dive Shop for All Your Needs

Dive Shop in Rhode Island

Living at The Residences at Slatersville Mill is simply a treat. There are many things to see and do that are situated close by our luxurious apartments. While it's still summer, you might want to consider scuba diving in Rhode Island. However, if this is your very first time attempting this amazing water activity, or if you haven't gone in some time, you … [Read more...]

Looking to Go Biking? Try the Blackstone River Bikeway

blackstone river bike trail

Bike riding is a great sport. It is great exercise and a lot of fun to do either alone or with a crowd. If you are looking to go biking in Rhode Island, there are different locations you can check out. If you are looking to go biking, try the Blackstone River Bikeway. The trail runs 48 miles, so you can do the whole thing to really challenge … [Read more...]