Make Your Fast Food Favorites At Home (And With Less Guilt)

healthy recipes

Every year, we approach the end of the year as a time to get serious about our health. While many of us succeed to find healthy swaps or nutritious alternatives, sustaining the changes can be difficult. Sustain your momentum all year with healthy food that tastes like fast food favorites, cutting the calories and boosting nutrition! Here are our favorite … [Read more...]

Seek Guidance From Inspired Loft Living

apartment decorating tips

Just because everyone offers apartment decorating tips for you and your space doesn't mean that you need to take them all at face value. The fact is that The Residences at Slatersville Mill allows you the ability to mix the urban and contemporary with more traditional elements. Here are some inspired apartment decorating tips which could take your living … [Read more...]

Tips for Getting Your Kitchen Cabinets Organized

kitchen organization tips

The holiday season is almost upon us so now before everyone gets busy with entertaining, why not take a couple of hours and get your kitchen cabinets organized? These simple kitchen organization tips will make the process so much easier. Begin by cleaning out all the cabinets. Wipe down the shelves. Go through all the food stuffs and dispose of … [Read more...]

Need an Elegant Restaurant: the Pot au Feu

port au feu

A great way to spend a romantic evening is at an upscale restaurant. A chic restaurant that was named one of the 10 Best Providence Restaurants by USA Today is Pot au Feu. It's located 17 miles from our luxury apartments in Slatersville, and while there you can dine on French and European cuisine. You can begin the meal with snails, lobster bisque, … [Read more...]

Tips for Getting Red Wine Stains Out

red wine stain

After an evening out with friends you come home and discover a red wine stain on your shirt sleeve. Red wine stains have a reputation as being difficult to remove, but here are some expert tips which always seem to do the trick. If the stain is still damp, begin the process by soaking up as much liquid as possible. This is best done with a clean … [Read more...]