DIY All-Purpose Cleaner That Won’t Cost All Your Money

This simple cleaner is cheaper and greener than store bought cleaners | Source Pinterest

Who says an effective All-Purpose cleaner has to cost you a bundle? Try out this Do It Yourself Cleaner that will not only save your wallet, but can clean pretty much anything exceptionally well! You’ll Need Half a Cup of Vinegar A Tablespoon of Borax A Tablespoon Peroxide Lemon Juice Essential Oils (Your choice of oil, and optional) 2 … [Read more...]

Drop Winter Weight with These Free Weight Exercises

Start your free weight routine today | Source Pixabay

Shedding those Winter pounds doesn’t require any crazy bells and whistles, or hardcore diet regimen. It’s as simple as a trip to our on-site fitness center, and the aid of a few free weights! Check out these three Free Weight Exercises aimed at toning you up and getting you ready for the Summer! Squat To Overhead Press Grab a set of free … [Read more...]

Find Tasty Comfort Food & Drinks at Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern

Blackie's Late Night Chef Burger

We know that restaurants near Slatersville Mill make your daily life convenient. That's why we're featuring one local favorite that makes sure you always "expect that unexpected." Blackie's Bulldog Tavern offers diners a unique experience and delicious, chef-prepared fare. Take a look at what this amazing restaurant has to offer. Love chicken? Then … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Summer With Our On-Site Cycling Classes

We're offering on-site cycling classes here are your Slatersville apartment community.

You'll enjoy this summer the most if you stay active and fit. The on-site cycling classes offered at our Residences at Slatersville Mill community are a perfect way to get motivated and informed about a great warm weather activity for the spring and summer months. Why engage in cycling for a cardio workout? Biking offers many advantages other than simply … [Read more...]

Go Green This Winter at Your Slatersville Apartment

Here are some winter green living tips to help you go green while staying warm this winter here at your Slatersville apartments.  Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Winter is brutal and as warm-blooded creatures, we to tend to move in the direction of cold blooded during winter. This does not mean that we have to waste energy to get and stay warm. Here are some winter green living tips to conserve energy while staying warm. As the winter gets colder, more people are looking for ways to save on their electricity bills … [Read more...]